Drug Rehab in Utah

Also known as the Beehive State, Utah boasts some of the most beautiful landscape and natural wonders in the United States. It’s home to over 3 million people and provides ample access to iconic outdoor activities. These iconic activities include skiing and snowboarding the worlds best powder, hiking through Zion National Park, exploring the Grand Canyon and visiting Bryce National Park. Even though Utah has a lot to offer, it’s citizens can still suffer from addiction and mental health issues. This is why finding the best Utah drug rehab is imperative if you or a loved one is experiencing problems associated with substance abuse. These issues can affect people of any age and of any class. Some people become addicts completely by accident, consuming prescription drugs as instructed by their doctor. The important part is to never be afraid to seek assistance and find effective addiction treatment you need. If you need assistance now, for yourself or a loved one, call 1-888-986-7848 or contact us here. Our admissions team can review your benefits, and in some cases, provide same-day entrance to a Utah drug rehab.

Finding the Best Utah Drug Rehab

Searching for the best Utah drug rehab can feel like a scary and overwhelming undertaking, and you may not know where to begin. However, there are many ways to find out if the drug rehab facilities you are researching offer effective care that is best for you or your loved one. Before you start your search you must fortify yourself to not be afraid of asking questions. You are placing your future, of the future of your loved one, in the hands of strangers in hopes that healing and recovery will take place. All of your questions are important and all should be answered. If you have any issues, questions or concerns that arise during the addiction treatment admissions process please make sure and get them answered.

Providing a continuum of care is one way to determine if a Utah drug rehab offers effective addiction treatment. This means that the addiction treatment center provides care and programs for all levels. Recovery Ways will review your clinical needs upon admissions and determine which level of care is the best for your specific needs. Then, once admitted, a customized treatment plan will be designed and the level of care needed will consistently re-assessed.

Need help finding a Utah drug rehab?

Recovery Ways can review your insurance benefits, assess your specific clinical needs, and help you find the best addiction treatment center in Utah. Call our team today, or contact us, to start the admissions process: 888.986.7848.

Clinical Offerings & Drug Rehab Programs

Recovery Ways is unique among Utah drug rehab centers and addiction treatment facilities. Not only in its substance abuse treatment services but also in its modern housing, clinical programs and offerings, highly educated and caring employees, and the ability to provide effective aftercare and recovery support. Recovery Ways also provides an array of addiction treatment modalities and specialized programs. Since addiction affect every person differently, addiction treatment cannot be one size fits all. Recovery Ways offers multiple ways patients can engage actively in their personalized addiction treatment plan and recovery. We offer recreation therapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration, and more. These offerings makes the experience unique and give our alumni the tools to function and maintain their sobriety once outside of treatment.

Sensory Integration & Occupational Therapy

Sensory integration is a form of occupational therapy that provides patients the ability identify, cope and regulate feelings of agitation, anxiety or depression that may arise during treatment. Sessions that take place in our sensory rooms are designed to make treatment and drug rehab more manageable by removing feelings that may negatively impact the overall treatment experience. Sensory integration provides our patients tools to self-regulate their emotions and feelings through all types of sensory input: imagery, ambient sound, lighting, video, and smell. Our sensory integration therapists are licensed and highly educated in dual-diagnosis addiction and/or mental health treatment. Few, if any, Utah drug rehabs can offer this type of treatment to their patients.

Recreation Therapy

Recreation therapy is occasionally described as experiential therapy. Experiential therapy is defined as patients engaging in hands-on activities that provides tools and skills to process past trauma, opportunities to increase self-awareness and confidence, as well as exposing recovering addicts to new sober hobbies they can continue once they leave treatment. Recreation therapy allows people to build more trust in themselves as well as others. Recreation therapy involves a nationally certified and state licensed Recreation Therapist using recreational activities to bring about a positive change socially, physically and spiritually in participants. These activities can include everything from skiing, water sports, hiking, and climbing to more creative pursuits and service projects. Recovery Ways, a premier Utah drug rehab, believes in a holistic approach to addiction and a part of that is taking care of the body which physical activities such as those learned through this therapy help maintain a healthy body while offering a sense of fun and adventure for the patient.

Family Program & Participation

The family program at Recovery Ways, the premier Utah drug rehab, is an extremely important aspect of the recovery process. The family program is designed is to educate and support our patient’s families while their loved one is treatment. As well as showing how the family system as a whole has been impacted by substance abuse or drug addiction. Family members will learn about their loved one’s addiction and its effects, they will also receive an overview of the recovery and some treatment resources. Families need support from the moment they first suspect a member may have an addiction, to getting the loved one into treatment, changing family patterns and getting healthy while the family member is in treatment, and finally learning to be supportive in a healthy way after formal treatment is finished.

Insurance & How to Pay for Drug Rehab

The admissions team at Recovery Ways will work with you to find the best options for you and your specific financial situation. Our coordinators can review your insurance and find out if your policy will cover drug rehab. They can walk you through other options that may also be available; paying for treatment yourself or with the help of loved-ones or family members. Recovery Ways works with many different providers and will do our best to place you in a program that work financially for you, even if it’s not with us. If you would like to have your insurance verified for addiction treatment please reach out to our admissions coordinators at 1-888-986-7848.

Drug Rehab Detox in Utah

The first step in drug rehab is medically supervised detox. Drug and alcohol detox at Recovery Ways, the premier Utah drug rehab, is medically supervised by a complete medical staff that offers around the clock care, monitoring and assistance. Detox is important because you should be entering addiction treatment completely drug free, and clear of any medical issues that can arise during withdrawals. Recovery Ways utilizes one of the top-rated medical hospitals in the nation for drug detox, should any emergency medical necessities arise. A proper and effective Utah drug rehab should provide medically assisted addiction drug detox.

Residential Treatment

Most individuals looking for an effective Utah drug rehab will be end up being treated in a residential addiction treatment program. Residential addiction programs typically last between 30 and 90 days and provide different types of treatment, including; group meetings, private therapy, 12 step meetings, recreation therapy and/or sensory integration. If you are searching for addiction treatment for yourself or your loved one this is most likely the type of treatment you will be familiar with. A compelling and successful residential program in a Utah drug rehab should house a variety of licensed professional clinicians who has licensed professional experience, education, and expertise needed to help patients succeed in long-term recovery.

PHP – Partial Day Treatment

PHP (also known as partial day treatment) substance abuse treatment at Recovery Ways, a NAATP and JCAHO accredited Utah drug rehab, is a residential style service in the context of an outpatient addiction treatment model. Our highly qualified employees, therapists and staff provide a framed environment where patients can participate in therapy during the day and then return home at night. This type of PHP treatment gives them the ability to put the skills they learn into action. PHP treatment includes a variety of evidence-based practices that build on strengths and address problems associated with the complex conditions of each individual and their family. We provide support to patients and families and help develop a plan for time off campus. We work as a team with patients and families to provide support and a plan for time off campus to maintain sobriety.

IOP & Outpatient Drug Rehab in Utah

The intensive outpatient program gives outpatient substance abuse services to empower those suffering with addiction and/or mental health issues to lead successful lives in recovery and become easily integrated back into their communities. In the IOP program at Recovery Ways, a successful drug rehab in Utah, a customized addiction treatment plan is designed to work in conjunction with career goals and schedules, giving you the freedom to heal at your pace. These addiction treatment plans are coordinated and created by the combined efforts of the patient, their family and primary therapists. If a patient is assessed as being able to receive care at IOP level, we provide comprehensive outpatient services which requires a weekly commitment to attend three Recovery Ways evening or morning group counseling meetings.