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Sober Winter Activities Near Salt Lake City

One of the biggest complaints from recovering addicts, in their new-found sobriety, is boredom. Before recovery when they were bored or had nothing to do, they would get high or drunk, they would go to a bar, concerts, raves, or any other gathering where they could use or find their substance of choice. In treatment, patients regard these places and associated people as triggers. Those who were addicted to ecstasy may no longer be able to go to rave concerts or even clubs. Alcoholics find it difficult to go to bars without craving a drink. With so many activities and locations unavailable to recovering addicts they may feel like they cannot leave their home without craving their substance. While triggers and stressors are everywhere, through treatment you will learn how to notice and deal with these without your substance but you will also learn new things about your surroundings and new activities you may have never thought of before. Here are just a few winter activities to go out and enjoy this season that you don’t need any substances to appreciate.

Mountain Activities:
Utah has some of the best snow on earth so why not enjoy it while we have it? Try one of these outdoor elevated activities that are sure to make your winter more enjoyable.

  • Skiing/Snowboarding: There are 12 ski resorts located in northern Utah, from Logan to Provo. You can purchase single day passes, season passes, rent ski or snowboarding gear, or buy it at the resort or throughout the valleys multiple locations. Resorts offer lodging and food for those of you who would like to make it a day trip or even longer. https://www.skiutah.com/
  • Snowmobiling: With more than eight places to rent and have guided tours this is always an available adrenaline rush. If you enjoy four wheeling in the warmer months this is the perfect winter alternative. Easy to learn and different terrains this is perfect for anyone looking to explore the snowy mountains of Utah. https://utah.com/snowmobile
  • Ice-Fishing: If you love fishing or even if you have never been, just because the water may be frozen doesn’t mean you can’t go fishing in winter. Try out something new this season with Ice-Fishing. No matter when or where anyone over the age of 12 must have a license to fish, so make sure you get yours online here, at a retail store, or at a Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) office. There are local guided tours offered or Strawberry reservoir offers guided tours. http://www.recreationinutah.com/Ice_Fishing
  • Sledding/Tubing: Remember the fun of being a kid on a toboggan, saucer, or basic snow sled? Who says you can’t have that fun again as an adult? There are plenty of parks throughout the city with hills for you to sled down but if you want to take it to the next level, and skip the hike up the hill, try tubbing. With lifts to take you and your tube to the top of the mountain you get to enjoy the snow and mountains without being a skier or snowboarder. http://www.utahoutdooractivities.com/sleddingutah.html
  • Ice Castles: Taking your winter experience to a whole new level is the Ice Castles in Midway, Utah. Walk through this fairytale winter creation for a unique adventure. With changing lights and even fire breathers this will be something you won’t forget anytime soon. http://icecastles.com/midway/


  • Natural History Museum: Come check out one of the biggest museums in Utah. Learn about Utah’s history as well as the surrounding land, prehistoric history, the Great Salt Lake, and check out their events including NHMU After Dark. https://nhmu.utah.edu/
  • Clark Planetarium: Check out exhibits and 3D shows including a Led Zeppelin light show. Learn about space, national parks, black holes, and other extraordinary subjects. http://clarkplanetarium.org/
  • The Leonardo Museum: Explore technology, art, and science in this unique experience. They also have special events for all ages, so be sure to check out their events page. http://www.theleonardo.org/
  • Fort Douglas Military Museum: if you are a war-buff, history-buff, or just someone interested in learning about something new, come check out this museum. There is free admission into the museum with guided tours, a 1,500-volume library, and multiple events throughout the year. http://www.fortdouglas.org/
  • Classic Cars International Auto Museum: If you like cars or just a little interested in classic cars this is a go to spot. Check out around 100 cars built between 1913 and early 1980s. They are consistently changing out which cars they have to view, so it’s always changing. http://www.classiccarsintl.net/Classic_Car_Museum.php
  • Temple Square: Even if you aren’t a member of the LDS faith or community, temple square is known throughout the city as being a go-to spot during December, to look at the thousands of Christmas lights they have displayed. In other months, you can still explore the area see paintings and sculptures, hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, enjoy food from multiple restaurants, and even research your family history. http://www.templesquare.com/
  • Thanksgiving Point: Has two museums, 55-acres of gardens, a farm country to meet animals, three restaurants, adult classes, and the Mammoth Screen Theatre to watch 3D movies is the first national Geographic Experience Theater. We’re sure you’ll find something you enjoy. https://www.thanksgivingpoint.org/

Indoor Activities:

  • Utah Jazz Basketball Games: Whether you’re a basketball fan or not, these games are always a good time. With the Bear mascot running through the aisles, the drumline, cheerleaders, and dancers there is so much going on it’ll be hard to be bored. http://www.nba.com/jazz/
  • Utah Grizzlies Hockey Games: Come catch a hockey game and get a little rowdy with the fans. They have jersey auctions and giveaways at the games and other events that occur at the Maverick Center. http://www.utahgrizzlies.com/
  • Ice-Skating: There are multiple locations to go ice-skating throughout Utah, indoors and outdoors. Some of the more well-known are the Gallivan Center, County Ice Center, Utah Olympic Oval, Park City Ice Arena and Sports Complex, Resort Center Ice Skating Rink, Peaks Ice Arena.
  • Utah Xtreme Paintball: This is an indoor paintball park where you can play all year-round. http://uxpaintball.com/home/
  • Golf Anytime: Just because it is snowing doesn’t mean you can’t golf, you can even perfect your game. http://www.golfanytimeusa.com/
  • Fastkart Indoor Speedway: Do you have a need for speed? Come try out your racing skills at this indoor speedway with karts that go up to 40 mph. at three locations in Utah. http://www.fastkartspeedway.com/
  • Mystery Escape Room: Enter a themed room with friends and solve riddles, puzzles, and secrets to escape the room in the allotted time. You become a part of the story and there are multiple stories to choose from. https://www.mysteryescaperoom.com/
  • Getout Games: Has two locations with different themed rooms that you and your group solve puzzles, crack codes, and find the keys to escape in 60 minutes. You can go as a couple or in groups of 16. http://getoutgames.com/
  • The Escape Key: Two locations for exciting, intellectual, and unique team-building to get out of the rooms in 60 minutes. With different rooms and stories to choose from you can solve crimes, find the clues, finish the mission, and escape. http://theescapekey.us/


  • Utah Opera: If you’ve never seen an opera before you are in for a delightful experience. You can get dressed up in your finest or just in comfortable clothes. Choose from the many different performances going on and sit back and enjoy. http://www.utahopera.org/
  • Ballet West: Watch classical ballet being performed at four locations throughout Utah. There are plenty of shows to choose from throughout the year. Ballet West is known as being an American pioneer in the world of dance. https://balletwest.org/
  • The Off Broadway Theatre: Is known for their famous productions of comedies, musicals, and plays, including their parodies, and also their improv comedy show, Laughing Stock. If you need a good laugh this may be just the place for you. You can also take improv and acting classes here. http://www.theobt.org/index.html
  • The Pioneer Theater Company: If you enjoy plays and musicals or just looking for something new to try. This company is known for Broadway-quality productions. Check out what they are performing now. http://www.pioneertheatre.org/


  • The Tracy Aviary: Check out a variety of bird species from Utah and around the world right in the middle of Salt Lake. With 400 birds on 7.5-acres of exhibits, and encounters for guests to visit and feed the birds, this is a unique experience. See pelicans, American Bald eagles, toucans, owls, and more. http://tracyaviary.org/
  • The Aquarium: Utah’s largest aquarium has a large array of animals, not just water-dwelling animals either. Learn about and see animals and bugs native to Utah, South American birds, Gentoo Penguins that you can also feed, and watch other animals be fed such as the sharks and piranhas. They also have 4D movies you can see, a café, a gift shop, and other special events. http://www.thelivingplanet.com/

Food With Entertainment:

  • The Dinner Detective: Try out America’s largest interactive murder mystery dinner show. Enjoy a four-course sit down dinner, with a chance to win prizes for Top Sleuth, while you try to figure out who the killer is before the detectives do. https://www.thedinnerdetective.com/salt-lake-city/
  • Desert Star: If you want to enjoy dinner and a show, and enjoy laughing, then this is the place for you. With different parody plays happening throughout the year so there is something for everyone. Check out what they have playing now. http://desertstar.biz/


  • Gardner Village: This is a small shopping center with 22 shops surrounding the historic Gardner Mill. It looks like a early Utah Village with pony rides for children and a petting zoo where you can feed the animals. You can even complete their scavenger hunt for a fresh baked M&M cookie for just 50 cents at Nabhorhood Bakery. They also hold classes and other events so check out their event page. http://www.gardnervillage.com/
  • Wheeler Farm: This is a public farm open to the public during daylight hours. You can go on wagon rides, milk a cow, check out the historic house, and currently see the Great Salt Lake Woodcarvers Annual Show and Competition or learn how to wood carve yourself on Tuesday evenings 6 pm – 8 pm. http://www.wheelerfarm.com/index.html
  • Heritage Park: Stroll through the park, take train rides around the village, look through museums and art galleries, and shop at the gift shop. http://www.thisistheplace.org/index.html

While these activities are great fun, remember that the people you choose to do them with can also be stressors. Enjoy these activities with people who support you and your sobriety, or go and make new friends. Don’t compromise your sobriety for other people or activities you know will be triggers for you. If a light show or sports event is a trigger wait until you feel strong enough and comfortable enough to attend or just simply do something else.

If you or a loved one has relapsed and they are in need of treatment, please contact us here or call 1-888-986-7848.

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The addiction treatment approach at Recovery Ways is about Reclaiming Your Life. The program is tailored to meet the needs of the individual and provide each patient with the emotional, physical and spiritual tools to achieve a productive, joyful, and sober lifestyle. Our approach is a collaborative effort that empowers our patients to heal mentally and physically. We provide a nurturing environment that supports an individual’s unique healing process.

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