Key Differentiators

What makes Recovery Ways stand out as a premier provider of dual-diagnosis addiction treatment.

Recovery Ways is a Joint Commission accredited dual-diagnosis treatment program, utilizing 12-step and other models, and specializing in treating individuals and their families needing rehabilitation services from drug and alcohol problems, as well as any co-occurring disorders. Our clinical team of distinguished physicians, psychiatrists, and talented professional staff members treats the whole person by creating a comprehensive and individual treatment plan aimed at a full recovery and a unique, holistic experience. Our recovery management model seeks to empower individuals and families in recovery to direct their own healing and maintain a new sober lifestyle.

Our program is tailored to meet the needs of the individual, providing each patient with the emotional, physical and spiritual tools needed to achieve a productive, joyful and sober lifestyle. Our approach is a collaborative effort that empowers our patients to heal and helps them develop the necessary tools to live healthy, successful and productive lives. We provide a loving, nurturing environment that supports the individualized healing process.

Program Highlights

A Caring and Qualified Team

Our clinical team of physicians, psychiatrists, PhD and Master’s level licensed professionals is committed to providing the most innovative and effective treatment available, and helping patients and their families achieve hope and recovery from the pain of alcoholism and addiction.

Family Participation

Families are a key part of recovery. Our family program includes opportunities for loved-ones to learn more about the disease of addiction and how to support recovery. We encourage each family to learn and become a part of their loved one’s process.

Sensory Integration

Assisting patients to learn to self-regulate through the use of sensory-based strategies is an effective tool in recovery. Through the use of our state-of-the-art multi-sensory rooms, patients will rediscover the power of being centered in their bodies and strategies for stress management.

Recreation Therapy

Recreation therapy enables patients to discover and recreate themselves while practicing skills in a safe, supportive environment. Patients learn to enjoy their leisure time by participating in constructive activities, which may increase their self-sufficiency, competence and autonomy.

  • In-Network with United Healthcare
  • Located in Salt Lake City, UT – 10 minutes from the airport
  • Custom built facilities 2010 to deliver  quality addiction treatment
  • Joint Commission Accredited (JCAHO) since 2010
  • Dual Licensed by the State of Utah
  • Mental Health (can bill Mental Health primary)
  • Substance Abuse
  • Dedicated Admissions and Intake staff
  • Concierge Care and Transportation
  • Dedicated, Personable transportation team
  • Recovery Ways Ambassadors: ease transition from Detox
  • Critical Assessment and Evaluation upon arrival
  • Detox, Psych and Stabilization in non-hospital environment
  • Detox beds available.
  • Medical Supervision at Facilities
  • 3 Board-Certified Addiction Psychiatrists
  • 24/7 Nursing Care
  • Distinct Levels of Care
  • RTC, PHP, IOP, Virtual IOP
  • Individualized Treatment Plans
  • Masters and PhD level Therapists with specialty designations
  • Individualized care dictated by medical/clinical necessity
  • Multiple Modalities are trauma informed to address comorbidities
  • Recovery Integration Plan
  • Recreational Therapy delivered by Licensed Recreational Therapists
  • Sensory Integration for mood stabilization
  • Occupational Therapy to address individual needs
  • Alumni and Aftercare
  • 12 months of telephonic support and follow up
  • Outcomes and Research
  • Health Informatics specialist monitoring outcomes
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