Drug Addiction Treatment

6 Ways Utah Treatment Centers Can Change Your Life

Why does one person get addicted to drugs and alcohol and another doesn’t? They can use the same amount with the same frequency and at the same time. Yet, still, one may trade his spouse, children and job for just one more hit. And the other one calmly walks away. The answer: Addiction is a brain…

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Fentanyl-Related Overdose Deaths Increased by 78% in Utah

There are an estimated 2.1 million Americans currently suffering from an opioid use disorder, and the government has deemed this a public health emergency. Prescription opioid overdose deaths have more than tripled in the past 20 years and unintentional overdose deaths from opioids have more than quadrupled since 1999. Roughly 91 Americans die each day…

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How do the 12-Steps Work?

How do the 12-Steps Work? The 12-Step Program is widely known as being associated with Alcoholics Anonymous which began in the 1930s. There are other programs set up that use the same basic steps adjusted to fit the needs of the group such as Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous They even have other programs for…

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Journaling: How Does It Help With Addiction Treatment

Journaling: How Does It Help With Addiction Treatment During addiction treatment the patient becomes more aware of their addiction, the reasons behind their addiction, and more mindful of their feelings. Many people kept journals or diaries as children but often stop when they become adults and are faced with other responsibilities such as school, work,…

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Marijuana: Is It safe? Is It Addictive?

Marijuana: Is It safe? Is It Addictive? Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the world and often the first illegal drug people use and often leads to harder drugs in the future. For example, the risk of a person using cocaine increases by 104 percent if he or she has smoked marijuana…

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False Facts You’ve Heard About Rehab

False “Facts” You’ve Heard About Rehab With addiction becoming more common, especially with today’s opioid epidemic plaguing the Nation, more and more people are talking about substance abuse rehabilitation. There are many facts out there about treatment centers, some true, and some false. These false “facts” being talked about can be detrimental, especially to someone…

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Treatment Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Treatment Doesn’t Have To Be Boring.  How Recreational Therapy Improves Addiction Treatment. Many people, when they think of recovery treatment, they think about the detox (which is probably the least desirable part), all the individual and group therapies they will have to do, and how boring the sober days are going to be. This is…

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Is Your Loved One Addicted (How to Spot Addiction)

Is Your Loved One Addicted (How to Spot Addiction) Addiction: The National Institute on Drug Abuse says it’s a chronic disease. It knows no boundaries of socioeconomic class, gender, race, intelligence, or age. Addiction affects people all across the globe, from movie stars and political leaders to grandparents. Addition is a relapsing brain disease that…

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How to Tell Your Children You Are Going to Rehab

How to Tell Your Children You Are Going to Rehab You have made the decision to get yourself the treatment you need for your substance abuse and have got everything set in order. The only thing left is to tell your children where mommy/daddy is going. This can seem like a difficult conversation. In many…

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Residential Treatment

Patients entering our residential treatment center are no longer in need of acute care and aren’t illustrating withdrawal symptoms, yet they are still in need of 24 hour monitoring and support. Inpatient rehabilitation has the highest long-term success rates. During this phase of treatment patients receive more intensive individual and group counseling sessions. Recovery Ways…

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