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camping salt lake city
Camping Near Salt Lake City for Rec Therapy

It’s the time of year to spend your weekends in the mountains. Hanging out with good friends or family, getting in touch with nature, and just having things be a little simpler for the weekend. So we’ve given you a list of some of the best camping spots around the Salt Lake City area. Anderson…

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mental health treatment in salt lake city
Mental Health Treatment in Salt Lake City

Mental health is a very broad term that encompasses many different issues. According to NAMI, approximately 43.8 million people in the United States experience a mental health issue in a given year. Unfortunately, access to quality mental health treatment can be difficult to find in the US. Here at Recovery Ways in the Salt Lake…

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substance abuse treatment and the whole family
Does the Substance Abuse Treatment Treat the Whole Family?

Addiction is often referred to as a “family disease,” this is because it affects the family and friends of the addict. Often, we are only thinking of getting help for the person who is struggling, but substance abuse treatment goes much further than just treating the addict. One of the most critical questions anyone who…

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The Homeless Problem in Salt Lake City

In 2015, the population of chronically homeless people in Utah had dropped by 91%. A decade prior, Utah had set forth a goal to end chronic homelessness. The news of this incredible drop in the homeless problem reached national headlines, which promoted other states to look at what Utah, and more specifically, Salt Lake City,…

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dual diagnosis in salt lake city utah
Dual Diagnosis Counseling in Salt Lake City

Dual diagnosis is also referred to as co-occurring disorders. This refers to individuals who are struggling with both a mental illness as well as a substance addiction. Dual diagnosis can be a challenge and will take time to overcome. Treatment can be harder for patients with mental illnesses, because it can become a struggle to…

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opiate recovery
8 Things to Expect in Early Opiate Recovery

Starting a brand-new life. A changed person from this day forward. No, this isn’t about a journey after leaving prison or going through a divorce. This is what happens when you’re ready to start opiate recovery. What challenges should you expect to go through? Before you start the transformation, read on to learn more. Being…

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sober activities in salt lake city utah
Sober Activities in Salt Lake City

Go Camping When the weather is nice it’s the perfect time to head into the mountains and go camping. The Salt Lake area has some amazing locations to camp in. Whether you want to pitch a tent or rent an RV or simply go “glamping” and stay at a hotel near the campground, it’s always…

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