Signs & Symptoms of a Prescription Drug Addiction

The warning signs and symptoms of an addiction to prescriptions.

Prescription Drug Abuse Symptoms

Prescription drug abuse usually starts with the addict taking the prescribed medication as told but over time develop a tolerance or craving for the drug. Since these can be prescribed sometimes it is difficult to realize if you or a loved one is addicted. When all you can think about is how you are going to get more and stopping use causes you withdrawal symptoms, you should reach out for help getting clean. If you have started stealing medications, buying the medication from someone else or off the street, or “doctor shopping,” visiting multiple doctors complaining about pain so you get multiple prescriptions, then the Medical staff at Recovery Ways is ready to help you.

Spotting Addiction and Prescription Drug Withdrawals Symptoms.

Long-term prescription drug abuse may require medical detox.

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Depending on which prescription drugs are being abused there will be different signs. Benzodiazepines make the users seems unnaturally drowsy and relaxed, with slurred speech, poor memory, and maybe even aggressive or paranoid. Someone abusing painkillers may be drowsy, confused, and not feeling pain at normal levels.Stimulant abuse can cause delusions, anxiety, flushed skin, chest pain, and irregular sleep.

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Prescription drug addiction affects millions of people and is also treatable in the proper rehab facility. If you or a loved one have been abusing prescription drugs, the admissions coordinators at Recovery Ways can help. Call our admission coordinators and we can review your insurance policy to find out if it will cover the costs associated with treatment.

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