Klonopin Addiction

Klonopin is a habit forming prescription sedative commonly used to treat seizures.

Klonopin Addiction

Klonopin addiction is a growing problem in the United States. With the ever increasing prescriptions being written for anxiety related issues, addiction to the prescribed medications also increases. Benzodiazepines, like Klonopin, are highly addictive and doctors have noticed that prolonged use of these drugs leads to addiction. Doctors now try to keep prescriptions low and for as short of time as possible. If you do find yourself or a loved one addicted to Klonopin it is important to get them help, as overdose is likely. Here at Recovery Ways our Master level clinicians are dedicated to providing all our patients with the highest quality of care. We have individualized plans for each of our patients so that they get the treatment that is best for them and their addiction. We can help make overcoming the addiction and staying sober easier.

Klonopin addiction and prescription abuse.

Klonopin is a brand name of Clonazepam which is a benzodiazepine that is habit-forming, people can become addicted in as little as a few weeks. It works by blocking certain receptors in the brain to reduce stress and agitation. Once someone is addicted the brain can no longer produce these chemicals without it. Klonopin effects usually last about four hours and stay in the body for an additional 19 – 60 hours. It is was originally used as an anticonvulsant for epilepsy to help manage seizures. Then the calming effects of the drug were seen as a way to treat panic attacks. It has also been used to treat those recovering from alcoholism and other addictive substances with anxiety. It can even be prescribed for short-term insomnia.

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Like all benzodiazepines it enhances the effects of GABA, a neurotransmitter that slows neural activity and regulates muscle contractions, which is why it can be used as a muscle relaxer for restless leg syndrome. It is a blue tablet that is intended to be swallowed. Another form of ingestion is a quick-dissolving tablet that is placed on the tongue. Since tolerance builds quickly and it is addictive it is not meant for long-term use. If taken in high enough doses it can produce hallucinations but also puts the users at risk for overdose. Many addicts mix other drugs or substances with Klonopin such as cocaine or alcohol. This is called polydrug use and it can be fatal. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Klonopin has related to thousands of calls to poison control and almost 63,000 visits to the emergency room in just 2011 alone.

Treatment Options

Treating Klonopin abuse is a very serious issue, as withdrawals and addiction symptoms can be life threatening. If these withdrawal symptoms are causing issues a medically managed detoxification may be necessary. Once detox is complete an addiction rehab patient may be moved to an inpatient or PHP Klonopin treatment program. These programs typically last between 30 and 90 days. When a patient concludes this type of treatment it is important to continue outpatient and aftercare for continued, long-term sobriety.

Make a change and rid your life of Klonopin addiction.

Klonopin abuse treatment is available for you or your loved one and our admissions department can help place you in the best rehab facility available. Our coordinators will review your benefits and walk you through the admissions process.

Common Street Names

  • Tranks
  • Benzos
  • K-pins
  • Downers

Getting help and rehab for Klonopin addiction.

Klonopin addiction is a very serious health issue and can cause damage to one’s health and emotional being. However, help for Klonopin addiction is available. Recovery Ways in Salt Lake City provides multiple levels of care for an individual and unique drug rehab experience. We offer detox, inpatient treatment, and intensive outpatient programs.

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