Amenities & Comforts

Recovery Ways takes pride in our modern & comfortable amenities & living facilities.

Recovery Ways’ Amenities

Many rehabs and substance abuse centers are facilities that have been repurposed. They are typically non-medical, residential or commercial property that has been converted to now house patients. These properties were not originally constructed with addiction and mental health treatment in mind. This can cause issues for staff reaching patients, a patient’s ability to move freely within the center and the overall quality of housing and care.

Recovery Ways’ was purpose-built for hope and healing.

Recovery Ways’ four Salt Lake City drug rehab locations were all designed and constructed with co-occurring addiction treatment in mind. Each facility was custom built to make physical, emotional and spiritual healing a priority. Unlike many drug rehab centers, Recovery Ways puts a premium on modern and comfortable amenities so you or your loved one can focus and place their full attention on getting well. We provide tasty and nutritious meals, clean and comfortable beds, even our group-therapy room sofas are plush and leather.

All of our facilities were constructed within the last 10 years, which reflects both their modern style and exceptional quality. The patient rooms and common areas are decorated to feel comfortable and approachable, which many of the patients describe as cozy. Even the group therapy rooms are designed in a way to promote openness and sharing.

Would you like to reserve a spot for you or a loved one?

If you or someone you love is suffering from a co-occurring addiction and treatment is necessary, contact us today to reserve your spot at Recovery Ways. We offer inpatient detox, residential treatment, IOP and more.

Here a few of the amenities we offer at Recovery Ways:

  • Chef prepared meals
  • Structured Fitness Program & Gym Visits
  • Weekly Outings & Sober Recreation Therapy
  • Healing Labyrinth
  • Sensory Integration Rooms
  • Private & Individual Therapist Sessions
  • Washer & Dryer Access
  • Supervised Phone & Internet Access
  • Family Integration Sessions
  • Detox
  • Comfortable Communal Lounge Areas

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Four Locations and even more specialties

Recovery Ways operates four independent addiction treatment campuses in the Salt Lake City area in Murray, Utah. Each rehab center provides treatment based programs but offers different levels of care and addiction therapy options, including: residential and inpatient treatment, partial day treatment (PHP), intensive outpatient services, sober living, sensory integration, occupational therapy and more. We also offer world-class drug detoxification. This allows our patients to receive high-end medical attention during a very volatile time period in treatment.

Learn more about our Concierge Detox.

Our addiction detox facility is like no other: privately transported from arrival, medically managed and supervised for safety and health, and a highly trained, compassionate staff that will be with you every step of the way.

Take a virtual tour of the Recovery Ways’s facility of your choice. See for yourself why so many choose our addiction treatment services. View the bedroom you will be sleeping and healing in. Tour the common area will you make life-long friends that will support you and your recovery for a lifetime. Visit the group therapy room where you will make personal breakthroughs and change your life.

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