Helping yourself with addiction is scary, but you are not alone.

Helping yourself with addiction is a huge step. Seeking rehab and wanting a new life that is free of addiction and mental health issues is very courageous and you should be proud. Addiction to drugs or alcohol has probably taken its toll on you physically, mentally, spiritually, financially and even socially. You may feel like you are alone, but rest assured you are not. Help is available from Recovery Ways, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our admissions coordinators can walk you through the entire admission process and place you in the substance abuse treatment center that best suits your needs. Recovery Ways offers dual diagnosis treatment for addiction to cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, opioids, meth and many other substances. Our programs include concierge-style inpatient detox, residential and PHP treatment, intensive outpatient and sober living. We also offer exclusive methods of treatment such as sensory integration and occupational therapy, as well as sober recreation therapy.

If you are suffering from substance abuse issues and are ready to make the commitment for dual-diagnosis treatment, please contact us immediately and call 888.986.7848.

The addiction rehab experience.

Recovery Ways, the premier addiction treatment facility and drug rehab in Salt Lake City, has one mission in mind: to help you free yourself and your family from the chains of addiction and mental health issues. We want to provide the most cost-effective, readily available substance abuse treatment to as many people as possible. Recovery Ways is committed to an extremely high quality of care that is extensive, holistic, and focused on the needs of our guests and patients. It is our goal and duty to exceed patient and community expectations in every life we touch. With that said, the addiction rehab experience at Recovery Ways has been described as life-changing, relaxing, effective and comfortable.

Rooms & Accommodations

Recovery Ways offers modern and comfortable accommodations with communal living, and even cooking areas in our sober living facility. All of our facilities are modern in design and amenities. The Recovery Ways buildings are also designed with drug addiction treatment in mind. Most importantly all of our environments are deliberately relaxing and comfortable, so you can focus on what is most important; your recovery.

High-Quality & Effective Treatment

Recovery Ways is state licensed and accredited, offering high-quality addiction treatment for co-occurring disorders. For our high standards and ethical procedures, we received the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission. Recovery Ways is also an accredited member of NAATP, the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. This means that we operate our drug rehab facilities at a high level of excellence, providing both safe and effective drug addiction treatment.

Treatment for Multiple Levels of Care

Recovery Ways will help you start your recovery journey as well as maintain it after treatment. We offer a concierge style detox in cooperation with UNI at the University of Utah. For typically 30, 60, or 90 day stays we offer an inpatient or PHP programs. If you are in need of more transitional or aftercare services we operate an intensive outpatient program and sober living in the Salt Lake City area. Recovery Ways also provides Telehealth services, virtual treatment for business professionals and those on the go, and a highly active and engaged recovery alumni group.

Unique Methods

Helping yourself with addiction means you know you need effective rehab service. At Recovery Ways we offer new and exciting forms of treatment that you may not find other addiction treatment facilities. These methods are designed to not only treat the substance abuse issue, but also any underlying mental health issues you may or may not have been diagnosed with. These methods also provide you with real world coping skills that will stay with you the rest of your life and aid in your recovery journey.

Sober Recreation Therapy will teach you new skills and a new way to have fun without drugs or alcohol. It will help boost your self-esteem, helping you accomplish things you never thought you could. It even helps break up the monotony that can sometimes be associated with a strict, substance abuse, treatment program.

Sensory integration is perfect if you’re suffering from chronic pain or severe trauma. Recovery Ways has two sensory integration rooms where we use a multitude of sensory stimulation (including visual & aural input) to provide an environment where you can safely recognize and reduce your level of self-perceived distress and anxiety.

Paying for Treatment.

Covering the cost of treatment may seem an impossible task, but there are many different ways to pay for addiction treatment and rehab. You can use your insurance, pay with personal funds, receive financial help from family and friends and sometimes through scholarships and government assistance. There are many different combinations through which treatment can be procured and we can help review them all, specifically for your needs. When reviewing the cost of rehab please keep in mind that the cost of treatment is significantly lower than the cost of addiction.

At Recovery Ways we work with many different insurers and payers. If you have insurance are in need of treatment immediately, our admissions coordinators can actually review your benefits and find out if it will cover the costs associated with drug or alcohol treatment. In many cases, insurance may cover some or all of the expenditures.

Starting the admission process.

The admissions process at Recovery Ways is very simple. The first step in helping yourself with addiction is simply calling one of our admission coordinators. You can reach us by calling 1-888-986-7848 or contact us here. You can also chat with one of our trained coordinators live by clicking the chat-tab towards the bottom of the screen. Our coordinators will accept your call, review your benefits, and arrange your travel plans and arrival to Recovery Ways.

If you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, please don’t wait another day to seek treatment. We are here to help.