Addiction and mental health issues facing pilots
Pilots: Addiction & Mental Health Issues

Pilots must complete many years of intensive training, be able to learn a plethora of technical knowledge, and keep hundreds of people safe almost every day. Many of us don’t think about the last part of that sentence all that much as we walk onto a plane. Most of us are too concerned with our…

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Recovery Ways interviews Heather LeGuilloux
Why Virtual Treatment Matters: An Interview with Heather LeGuilloux

Mental health and addiction issues are serious business these days. Time and location should not stand in the way of people receiving the quality treatment they need This is why Recovery Ways, Salt Lake City’s premier dual-diagnosis addiction treatment center, is all about virtual treatment. Virtual treatment means that anyone in need of care can…

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Learn how to have an addiction intervention
How To Host An Intervention

It can be very difficult to watch one of your friends or family members suffer with addiction. Where is the line between enabling and cutting them off too much. Knowing someone you love is hurting themselves in this way and damaging their future in a detrimental way is hard to just stand by and watch.…

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Learn how you can have a fun and sober St Paddys Day in Salt Lake City Utah.
Sober St. Paddy’s Day in Salt Lake City

Well, it’s that time of year again, the day when everyone is “a little Irish.” Over the years St. Patrick’s day has become more of a staple of American binge drinking than any other holiday or any other celebration. In fact, until the 1970’s pubs in Ireland were mandated closed on St. Patrick’s Day because…

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business professionals and addiction treatment
High Stress Jobs: Business Professionals and Addiction

All drug users are homeless and living on the street or locked away in prisons, right? Wrong! Alcohol and drug addiction affect a vast number of the population including all ethnic backgrounds, all social classes, all ages, and all genders. Many of the people who suffer with addiction also suffer from mental health disorders and…

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Using employee assistance programs for addiction and mental health treatment.
How To Use Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are usually offered through a business’ human resources department or a third-party. These programs can help you get the assistance you need with substance abuse while still maintaining your employment status. EAP benefits are offered as a way to maintain the worker’s productivity by decreasing absenteeism and workplace accidents. Even if…

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Repealing the ACA and what that means for addiction treatment
Repealing the ACA & What That Means For You

The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, has been under the scrutiny of everyone since it was passed. While many people stood for it there we just as many people standing against it. With the inauguration of Donald Trump and the promises made by him during his campaign of repealing the ACA, what will happen to…

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ecstasy abuse and rave parties in Utah.
Raves, Ecstasy, and the Dangers of Abuse

No matter which venue people gather at, what music is playing the background, or what people are attending, there is more often than not, an illicit substance available somewhere nearby. However, one substance has many people worried, especially about younger users, ecstasy. Ecstasy, at its purest form, is called MDMA (which is an acronym for…

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Pros and cons to the United State's War on Drugs
The War on Drugs: Pros & Cons

The War on Drugs has been a long ongoing policy that has put millions of people behind bars. The War on Drugs started with president Richard Nixon in June 1971. Of course, there were anti-drug laws for things such as opium and cocaine as early as the late 1800s and early 1900s and the Controlled…

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